“Culture of Neighborhood” – Multicultural education in Ukraine

The core initiative, important for achieving the strategic goal of education in Crimean multiethnic region is directed at the creation and introduction of the integrated course “Culture of Neighborhood”, organized by several non-governmental organizations (in particular [url=http://www.integration.org.ua] Integration and Development Center for Information and Research [/url]), educational institutions, and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Crimea.
The description of activities that were realized within 2004-2007, can be found in presentations of M. Aradzhyoni (aradzhyoni-brunova.ppt) and O. Smirnov (smirnov-brunova.ppt).
The new focus of our work in 2008 was aimed at the preparation of teachers for the training work in communities. The main goal of such a step is to give teachers who wish to learn the skills and experience of trainings and other active methods of education with parental and pedagogical communities in their schools. In January, 2008, 2 seminars were conducted as the first level, where the basic skills of training for adults and a set of exercises on the topic of ethnicity were presented to about 60 teachers. At the second level of ToT, 20 teachers were taught how to plan and construct such trainings for their pedagogical and parental bodies. During the seminar, 3 training programs for teachers and parents were constructed by participants. As a result, all 20 teachers signed the contracts with Integration and Development Center for Information and Research and agreed to carry out at least one training for adults during the autumn of 2008.
The regular preparation of teachers for delivering the Culture of Neighborhood lasts as well. Within the 3 summer months, the seminars for teacher of primary level are conducted.
All together in 9 districts and 6 cities, the 403 teachers of primary school level will be taught the specificity of delivering of the course “Culture of Neighborhood”. During these seminars, teachers learn the methodological bases of multicultural education in Ukraine and around the globe, and the meaning of the course “Culture of Neighborhood” as an educational tool for early prevention of ethnic and religious conflicts. Special stress was set on the teaching of conflict studies and axiology in the course.
At the moment the writing-book for the 3rd grade is prepared for publication, and the 4th grade pupils will get such writing-books in September.