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Glossary of CRE-Related Terms

Our browseable glossary of terms related to conflict resolution in education provides quick access to terms you may hear used in the field.

Another useful tool for understanding more general education-related terms is the ERIC thesaurus.

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  • Accommodation/smoothing
    Definition: A style of conflict resolution in which one person gives in or accedes to the wishes of the other
    Related term(s): Giving in - nurturing style of conflict management
  • Acknowledgment
    Definition: confirming behavior that indicates awareness of or interest in the other person's perceptions, comments, or questions
  • Action-oriented listeners
    Definition: listeners who concentrate mostly on the task at hand and prefer to listen to people who present information in a logical and organized way
  • Affect displays
    Definition: spontaneous facial expression of emotion
    Related term(s): Emotional expressions, facial expressions
  • Bargaining
    Definition: Competitive negotiation process
    Related term(s): Competitive negotiation, win-lose negotiation, hardball negotiation
  • Bargaining range
    Definition: The overlap of the settlement ranges of the bargainers
  • Biases
    Definition: Perceiving something in a way that is not accurate
    Related term(s): misperception
  • Brainstorming
    Definition: Generating ideas for solving a problem before evaluating or critiquing those ideas
    Related term(s): Generating solutions
  • Bullying
    Definition: Repeated, intentional aggressive behavior intended to harm another and to create power imbalance
    Related term(s): teasing
  • Caucusing
    Definition: When a mediator meets individually with one of the parties in the mediation to talk about issues
  • Causal inference
    Definition: Assumptions we make about what causes a certain effect, usually refers to judgments we make about why people do things
    Related term(s): attributions
  • Certainty communication
    Definition: Defensive communication that suggests you are completely right and completely certain that you are right
  • Clarifying response
    Definition: a confirming behavior that acknowledges someone by asking for more information about what they've just said or done
    Related term(s): Asking for clarification
  • Classroom agreements
    Definition: Agreements negotiated by students and teachers about acceptable behavior in the classroom
    Related term(s): Classroom rules
  • Classroom management style
    Definition: A general tendency to be either hands-on, hands-off or hands-together as a style of dealing with classroom management
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