GPPAC Partners with CREPE Activities in Western CIS

Dear colleagues,
I want to give you a very brief information of two more NGOs in our region that could be the partners for your inter-networking.
1. Patrir, Romania – Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania . Among other activities they conduct a lot of trainings on peacebuilding for different groups of participants in their International Peace and Development Training Center
They also have special youth programs like “Youth for Peace” (available in Russian at

2. Inter-regional Social Movement “Conflictological Forum”, Russia. An assistance in research and activity in creation of new methods and techonolgies of CR and development of education in CR are among the main tasks of this organisation. Their partner – the chair of Conflict studies of St.-Petersburg State University. It is the only chair that gives CR specialization (the diploma) at the university level within the whole post-soviet space.
I also would like to draw your attention at the III INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of CONFLICTOLOGISTS organised by Forum and its partners. It will take place at September 30 – October 2, 2009. Deadline:  March 1, 2009 More information you can find at their website, listed above.