International Youth and Conflict Conference underway

The 2nd International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education is underway in Cleveland Ohio. Highlights include these plenary sessions:

Keynote: The Wars Children Fight
Sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace
Jimmie Briggs, Goodwill Ambassador and UN Special Envoy for Children & Armed Conflict, Author of Innocents Lost: When Child Soldiers Go to War.
David J. Smith, Senior Education Program Officer, United States Institute of Peace

Mini-Plenary: Child Soldiers Speak About their Experience
Sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace
George Elunai Latio (Sudan), Student, Bluffton University, Ohio
Madeleine (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Bukeni Tete Waruzi, Director and Founder, Ajedi-Ka/Projet Enfants Soldats

Mini-Plenary: Youth Civic Engagement for Democracy and Peace in Serbia
Sponsored by the European Centre for Conflict Prevention
Film: Bringing Down a Dictator
Ivan Marovic, Founding Member, Otpor, CANVAS, Belgrade, Serbia, participated in the making of the film
Tatjana Popovic, Project Coordinator, Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia