Odessa Regional Mediation Group Educational Projects, Ukraine

Dear colleagues,
Let me, please, continue my presentations of our Western CIS partners in PE/CRE activity.

Main programs of Odessa Regional Group of Mediation (Ukraine) in the Sphere of Education.
by Angela Guseva (ORGM)
Odessa Regional Group of Mediation (ORGM) – is a non-governmental organization that was created for propagation and implementation of mediation and other principles, techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the different spheres of social life. ORGM has been working with education system since 1995.

Basic programmes of the last 3 years.
1.      Education and familiarizing of school education specialists with principles of Alternative dispute resolution and restorative justice.
2.      Implementation of the restorative justice into educational process.
3.      Development of Peer Mediation Programmes.
4.      Creation of on-line community of educational specialists who implement restorative justice into upbringing and educational process.
5.      Implementation of Conflict Studies courses in higher education curricula.