Eight ways to connect with global CR education via creducation.org

46-page Powerpoint presentation given at the Youth and Conflict: Global Challenges – Local Strategies held in Cleveland, Ohio, which “introduces various ways that organizations and individuals working around the world on conflict resolution education and peace education can share their ideas and materials with a larger audience, the focus is on ways to contribute to the Conflict Resolution Education Connection located online at www.creducation.org.”

Developing departmental communication protocols

Pdf article from Conflict Management in Higher Education Report, Volume 4, Number 1, (Oct. 2003), which presents the concept of a “Communication Protocol [which] is a set of guidelines for day-to-day communication and informal problem solving developed in a mediation context involving a group of co-workers, these Protocols are most effective when developed with the full participation of both staff and management, although difficult to achieve, in academic units the chair needs to participate, the more inclusive the group, the more the Protocol will reflect the culture and norms of the organization.”

Desperation cycle

One page document with graphic showing the cycle of desperation experienced by a child who cannot communicate his feelings.


Powerpoint presentation on dialogue, the process of sharing information to create better understanding between people and groups.