Talk It Out – Bronx Intl High School Peer Mediator Music Video

Bronx International High School Students from the Morris Campus Student Leadership Council came together to write and create this gritty urban style video to promote peer mediation at the Morris High School Campus. They titled the song, “Talk It Out.”

Jewish and Muslim Students Transforming Conflict

Sara Hadi and Rebecca Katz, two Muslim and Jewish graduates from the Al-Iman School and the Abraham Joshua Heschel School in NY, partnered and produced this ten-minute documentary upon their graduation from the Unity Program, a full-year high school course that educate Muslim and Jewish students about Islam and Judaism while strengthening the relationships students have to their own religious tradition. In the documentary students share their experiences as Jewish and Muslim teens living in the US, modeling how transformative the Abraham’s Vision inter-group education programs were for them.

Youth Practicing Dialogue 2010

The Network for Peace through Dialogue program in New York works with youth in local schools to promote building new connections, understanding and tolerance for diversity. This student-produced video features their Confronting Concerns initiative.

We Want Peace – Emmanuel Jal (with lyrics)

Emmanuel Jal says: JOIN ME. BE A PEACE SOLDIER
Join us. I was a war child in the Sudan. Now I am a peace soldier. The difference for me between love and hate, war and peace, was education. I was saved by one woman who cared and dared to make a difference. I believe I survived for a reason. To teach. To be an example of change and an example of peace.

We have a saying in my village, “whoever is hurting allow them to talk, once they have finished talking, then there is peace”

Peace Soldiers are individuals who use education and understanding as their only weapons in generating a peaceful environment. Peace Soldiers are armed with compassion, the ability to listen, to be an example of peace.

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In the Harmony

A short musical video using puppets that promotes getting along despite differences. Aimed at preschool through 3rd grade.

Peace Helpers: PS 24

This video from features an elementary school in Brooklyn where fourth and fifth graders help younger students resolve conflicts. The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility has developed a step-by-step guide that educators can use to create their own Peace Helpers program, as shown in the video.


Using Classroom Meetings

Trainer John Barnes takes a group of preservice teachers through a workshop on using classroom meetings. The session is part of the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education initiative.