Teaching Humanitarian Law with Raid Cross

Adolescents are surrounded by violence. Usually they see it in political or historical terms (through the media, teaching and literature) or in the context of amusements (video games, movies). The purpose of Raid Cross, a learning simulation, is to make these adolescents aware of the reality of armed conflict and humanitarian action, thus giving them tools for interpreting events, the news, and violence in general. Raid Cross is an activity that uses international humanitarian law as an instrument for encouraging more extensive thought about human behavior. It focuses on the protection of life and human dignity in wartime and, more generally, in all the experiences of daily life. For more information, visit the Red Cross collection of Resources for Educators.

Restorative Practices and Texting While Driving

This video tells the story of a traffic accident caused by texting while driving that resulted in a fatality. It has been used as part of a 30-minute lesson plan focused on preventing traffic deaths due to distracted driving while also sharing the Restorative Justice Philosophy. The young man (19 years old at the time) who caused the accident now does speaking engagements in schools to try and help repair some of the harm he caused.

LA Peer Mediation Program Video

Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Services commissioned this video to inform viewers about their Peer Mediation Program, educate volunteers and raise funds from prospective donors.