Curriculum geared toward unmarried parents which is, “made up of a series of 24 lessons of about 60 minutes in length. The program can be offered in a one-on-one, couple, or small group format. The curriculum is designed so that the facilitator can tailor the materials to the needs and interests of the participants and group size. This curriculum has five goals: 1. To prepare unmarried parents to set goals to promote and create a healthy future for their children. 2. To help unmarried parents establish a positive co-parenting relationship that enables them to work together in raising their child. 3. To ensure the on-going and sustained involvement of both parents, especially the father, whenever possible in their children’s lives. 4. To encourage the on-going payment of child support and provision of other forms of support by the non-custodial parent. 5. To prepare unmarried parents to make healthy decisions (with their child’s best interests in mind) about their romantic and couple relationships.” Module 3 contains conflict resolution specific materials.