Quaker Peacemakers Poster Collection

This set of 10 letter-size posters describes the work of 9 Quakers (members of the Religious Society of Friends) active in various domains of peacemaking. Featured peacemakers include Lewis Fry Richardson, Adam Curle, Bayard Rustin, Elise Boulding, Kenneth Boulding, Priscilla Prutzman, Jennifer Beer, Bill Kreidler and George Lakey. Also featured is the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), a Quaker-founded program working in prisons and community settings. Each poster includes a quote, a stylized picture and biographical background information on the featured person or project.

Composite campus ombuds profile, A

Pdf article from Conflict Management in Higher Education Report, Volume 4, Number 1, (Oct. 2003), which presents a composite portait of a campus ombuds from, “information received from the Ombuds Profile
Project survey, in the spring of 2002 questionnaires were sent out with a call for case studies to 103 campus ombuds in the United States, Canada, and Australia (65
women, 32 men, 6 to “ombuds offices” without ombuds listed), this profile blends eleven responses to the questionnaire (6 women, 5 men) that were received in time for the 2002 profile.”