Media Toolkit for Restorative Justice Organisations

This 100+ page media toolkit presents 10 chapters of practical advice on doing a promotional campaign supporting restorative justice. It was prepared within the framework of the project Building social support for restorative justice, implemented by the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) and the partner organisations, between April 2008 and April 2010, and co-financed by the European Commission. The Building social support for restorative justice project has tried to answer three main questions:
1) How can interaction and cooperation with the media be set up in order to inform and educate the public about restorative justice (RJ)?
2) How can cooperation be developed with civil society organi- sations in order to create broad support for RJ?
3) How can we increase the involvement of individual citizens in the functioning of local RJ programmes?

The resulting media toolkit covers the following topics:
Tool one – Strategic communication planning
Tool two – Understanding the media
Tool three – Building media relationships
Tool four: Developing ethical guideline
Tool five – Press release and media events
Tool six– Giving interviews
Tool seven- Media public campaigns
Tool eight- Exploring new media
Tool nine- Communication for social change
Tool ten- Taking design seriously

Conflict Resolution Day school toolkit

14-page pdf toolkit to aid in the planning of programs to celebrate Conflict Resolution Day on the third Thursday in October. It includes strategy tips, an activities list, publicizing advice and sample proclamations.