Creating a Comprehensive CRE Program

In a Peaceable Schools model, the entire school community and local community are knowledgeable about and regularly use “win/win” approaches in attempting to resolve conflicts. A comprehensive program offers members of the school and local communities the opportunity to learn, practice and model effective conflict management skills. Ideally it becomes a central component of the daily operations of the school. It includes everything from how parents and guests are greeted when they enter the school building to how discipline is addressed. It addresses how educators manage their classrooms, the use of positive conflict management strategies being modeled by all adults in the school building, both with youth and other school community staff, and strategies for teaching conflict management skills to youth.

Please visit Day 3 of this training module entitled Managing and Resolving Conflicts Effectively in Schools and Classrooms for much more information on how to get started on implementing a program of this type in your schools.