General Site Policies

Conflict Resolution Education is dedicated to providing a clearinghouse of relevant and useful conflict resolution education information and resources to educators, researchers, policymakers and community members around the globe. Our mission is:

  • Providing useful CRE instructional materials
  • Presenting legislation and policy information relevant to CRE initiatives
  • Presenting critical published and ongoing research on CRE
  • Identifying CRE programs and organizations
  • Connecting CRE organizations, users, and related organizations
  • Creating a directory of people and organizations interested in CRE

To accomplish our mission, we encourage site users to provide documents, information, and hyperlinks to information they would like to share and are willing to release for general use. The following is a list of our submission guidelines and our policies concerning review and editorial discretion on posting submitted information:

  • We prefer to be able to link documents (which include text documents, PowerPoints, and visual images) to the organization that produced them. Organizations can include NGOs, international and national and governmental organizations, academic and private companies.
  • If you are interested in providing hyperlinks to your web site or to specific content on your web site, these suggested links must be submitted to the editorial review committee (see below).
  • It is the responsibility of the linking organization to inform us of changes in the URL or identifying information of the site and specific information linked.
  • If there is a discontinuation of a suggested URL it is the responsibility of the submitting web site organization to contact us that the URL has become temporarily or permanently inactive.
  • Documents linked or submitted for posting must be available in full text. Incomplete documents will not be posted.
  • Documents linked or submitted for posting must be in English. If accompanying translations in another language are submitted both versions will be posted after appropriate review. However, non-English documents alone will not be posted.
  • Documents posted or linked must be provided for download free of charge. Organizations can have links to their sites where materials are provided on a fee basis, but specific documents posted or linked to Conflict Resolution Education cannot have a service or document fee attached.
  • Visual Image Documents but have complete identifying information (who, what, where, when) that describes the image. If persons are shown in the visual image the submitting person or organization is responsible for obtaining and providing proof of permission for the photo to be posted.
  • Documents will be reviewed on an item-by-item basis by an editorial review committee. Decisions to reject an item are non-negotiable. Rejected items will not be returned.

We will accept a variety of items including:

  • news stories
  • essays, dissertation and/or thesis abstracts or chapters (whole dissertations and theses may be accepted based on review)
  • research reports
  • working papers
  • discussion papers
  • program evaluation reports
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • conference papers
  • program summaries or updates
  • case studies
  • policy briefings and/or legislative updates
  • lesson plans/instructional activities
  • video and/or audio clips of instructional activities (with permission of all persons on the tape)
  • comments/teaching notes/critiques of instructional activities
  • announcements of relevant conferences/conventions/meetings

We will not accept:

  • advertisements of any nature
  • critiques of specific persons or organizations
  • self-promotional materials (resumes, curricula vitae; job/work/training solicitations