Current trends in graduate ADR programs: Preliminary findings

Pdf article from Conflict Management in Higher Education Report, Volume 1, Number 2, (March/April 2000), which “presents a few preliminary findings from a two-year study of all graduate ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and CR (Conflict Resolution) programs in the United States, the study concentrates on 45 areas of inquiry utilizing semi-structured interviews of program directors and coordinators concerning issues such as the growth and direction of their programs.”

International summit preconference reader, March 16th and 17th, 2007

Global Issues Resource Center, Office of Community Continuing Education at Cuyahoga Community College, the Organizational of American States, and the United Nations Development Program hosted State and International Conflict Resolution Education Policy Team Meetings. The purpose of the policy team meetings was to allow conflict resolution education and peace education practitioners and supporters to share insights and information about policy, infrastructure and research needs to promote conflict resolution education and peace education. Document contains meeting agendas, list of participants and conference attendees responses to questions for inclusion in the reader.

Teaching presence

Pdf document offering guidance for teachers to be present in the moment and teach with an open heart, “good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” Written above title on document: NCIP (National Curriculum Integration Project).

Integrated lessons: Collection from the National Curriculum Integration Project

Pdf document presenting a series of lessons for both language arts and social studies classes which examine conflict, explore positive solutions and examine how issues of culture and bias, social and emotional learning and law related education impact conflict and its resolution. Written above title on document: NCIP (National Curriculum Integration Project).

NCIP resource guide: “Developing caring citizens and skilled problem solvers”

Pdf document presented as a guide for integrating the principles and practices of conflict resolution into the middle school classroom culture and curriculum. Topics addressed include: Educational Theories; Core Components of an Integrated Program; Integrating Four Related Fields; Comprehensive Conflict Resolution Curriculum Outline; Creating a Caring Classroom Climate; Benchmark Abilities of a Peaceable Classroom; Outline for a Successful Integrated Conflict Resolution Program; Getting Started Questionnaire; Implementation Timeline; and Curriculum Mapping

Managing conflict at school: Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management in the US

Fifth online chapter from, “Education That Makes a Difference: Success Stories for Conflict Resolution Educators,” presents the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management a leader in the United States of school-based conflict resolution education. Original Source: Chapter 11 from People Building Peace II: Successful Stories Of Civil Society (Project of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention) by Paul Van Tongeren, Malin Brenk, Marte Hellema, and Juliette Verhoeven (Eds), Lynne Rienner Publishers (2005)

Acting-out behavior

Word document with assessment of behavior and strategies to deal with a student’s acting out.