Lessons for helping students develop emotional awareness to support CRE

20-page Powerpoint presentation given at the Second International Summit on Conflict Resolution education, in which “participants will learn multiple, developmentally appropriate, lowcost activities that can be used in classroom or counseling settings to develop emotion foundation abilities, in students grades K-8, adaptations that would suit students with cognitive, behavioral and emotional challenges.”

Inter-agency P.E.P.: Skills for constructive living: Facilitators manual for community workshops

118-page pdf manual which “is one of the components of the Inter-Agency Peace Education Programme, the programme is designed for education managers of ministries dealing with both formal and non-formal education and for agencies which implement education activities on behalf of the government … this manual is a guide to the way the course should be constructed, it gives activities and handouts as well as an idea of some information on the philosophy of peace education.”

Conflict resolution and peer mediation, volume II: Elementary school guide

52-page pdf guide used to teach conflict resolution and peer mediation in elementary schools. Includes 10 lesson plans covering topics such as “dealing with feelings,” “building self-esteem,” “exploring the issue of stereotypes” and “introducing peer mediation to students.” Includes bibliography.

Face work in conflict

Powerpoint presentation introducing the concept of face, or the social role identities that people adopt and want respected. The idea of “face saving” in conflict resolution is discussed.