A World of Possibilities: CRE and Peace Education Around the Globe

Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education are a critical focus in most regions of the world according to the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict. Several initiatives are underway to document and assess the form and function of conflict resolution educational and peace education efforts. This session presents summaries of several important activities related to global expansion of conflict resolution education and peace education.

25 Years: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

In this keynote address, Larry Dieringer reviews the CRE field from the vantage point of Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR). Larry has been a staff member at ESR for 24 years and has been its executive director for the last 15 years. He has overseen the national dissemination of the widely acclaimed Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) to 25 school districts and over 275 schools across the country, and the launch of a Masters Degree Program in Conflict Resolution and Peaceable Schools with Lesley University. An experienced workshop leader, school consultant, and university lecturer, he teaches nationally on topics including conflict resolution, diversity and anti-bias education, social and emotional learning, character development, and secondary school reform.

Connected and Respected: Lessons from Resolving Conflict Creatively

One of the challenges of sustaining comprehensive conflict resolution programs involves integrating conflict resolution education into the fabric of classroom life. This session will explore a model, five approaches, and practical strategies for integrating conflict resolution education into elementary classrooms based upon experiences in the widely disseminated and well-evaluated Resolving Conflict Creatively Program. The session will also look at how conflict resolution education can be linked with social and emotional learning competencies, character education, and national standards.

Strategies for Teaching Peace and CR in U.S. Undergraduate Environments

This workshop provides an overview of approaches that undergraduate institutions are using to teach about peace and conflict resolution. All forms of undergraduate education will be considered including liberal arts institutions, religious affiliated schools, state universities and community colleges.

Accessing Free Web-based Conflict Resolution Education Resources

Come to this session and get to know the Conflict Resolution Education Connection, a free online one-stop-shop for resources and information on conflict resolution education. We will review the history of this cooperative project, talk about its future and highlight some of the great tools and resources hidden within. Go www.creducation.org

Conflict Management Skills as Leadership Competencies: A Higher Ed Success Model

This workshop highlights a successful professional development program for staff at University of Wisconsin-Madison. This program infuses conflict management skills into the workplace culture, from new and aspiring supervisors to experienced program and project managers, teaching conflict resolution, facilitation, and mediation skills and integrating them into a broader leadership development curriculum. The program serves to build bridges and support for student leadership efforts, enhancing opportunities for peer mediation as well.