Conflict Resolution & Peace Education: Proven Impacts

The presentation defines Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) and discusses the relationship and benefits between CRE and Peace Education. The presentation slides also provide access to a list of general review articles of the topic.

Peace Education in the Western Balkans

This presentation provides a Regional context of Peace in the Western Balkans. The discussion describes and highlights Regional Peace activities of 2009 and provides a look at upcoming peace activities for the future.

GPPAC Eastern & Central Africa Peace Education Conference Updates

This summary provided an opportunity for Peace Education Conference participants to discuss and define Peace Education as it applies to Eastern and Central Africa. The presentation enhanced sharing and learning from countries where Peace Education has been included for a longer period in the school curriculum.

Conflict Transformation Education for At-Risk Youth: Connecting With Kids

Teaching conflict skills to adolescents can be challenging enough without adding the difficulties facing at-risk youth. Through grant funding and community collaboration, the UND Conflict Resolution Center developed a training protocol, training sessions and materials to teach conflict management skills, healthy decision making and non-violent choices to the at-risk youth population. The speakers will share their insights for what makes the program successful, what the kids say about their experience and what challenges exist.

Proposals in Civic Education and Conflict Resolution in Schools in Columbia

Colombia es un país con muchas cosas positivas. Sin embargo, existe una violencia social generalizada que también se manifi¬esta de múltiples formas en la escuela y en la universidad. Esta conferencia pretende brindar un mayor conocimiento de esta problemática en el departamento de Santander, región noreste de Colombia. Igual-mente, pretende mostrar las investigaciones y propuestas que se están construyendo para hacer de las escuelas y las universi¬dades de Santander territorios de paz.

Colombia is a country with many positive things. However, there is widespread social violence that is manifested in many ways at schools and colleges. This session aims to provide a better understanding of this problem in the region of Santander (Departamento de Santander) northeastern Colombia. Also it aims to show the research and proposals that are being developed to make schools and universities Santander territories for peace.

Harmony Island – Multimedia Enhanced CR Curriculum

Slides used by Richard Goldsworthy as part of his presentation at the sponsored webinar entitled “Conflict Resolution Educational Gaming: Behind the Scenes with Cool School & Harmony Island”. He presents the some of the story behind the multimedia conflict resolution game Harmony Island developed with support from an NIH grant.

CRE Progress and Challenges – ACR Mini-Plenary

This presentation by Tricia Jones was part of a larger panel session entitled “A World View of Conflict Resolution Education/Peace Education.” Dr. Jones’ portion explores the questions – What are the major challenges we face in continuing the CRE/PE work? How do concerns about efficacy, extant research, infrastructures, and policy influence suggest directions for a future action agenda for PE/CRE work?