Second step

Powerpoint presentation introducing second step, a program for elementary school children which develops skills in the areas of empathy, impulse control and anger management.

Behavior form

Word document form to be signed by teacher and student regarding student’s behavior during a particular incident.

What do third parties do

Word document introducing third party conflict resolution: mediation, facilitation and arbitration.

Acting-out behavior

Word document with assessment of behavior and strategies to deal with a student’s acting out.

Peer mediation

Powerpoint presentation introducing the concept of peer mediation.

Flirting or hurting

Pdf document presents a classroom activity to help define and give examples of flirting and sexual harassment.

Cyber bullying

Word document examining bullying in cyberspace, with advice to parents and young people from Aman Batheja.

Being an ally

Pdf document for students outlining steps and sample phrases to help diffuse bullying incidents.