Using encouragement

Document which discusses discouraging verbal messages, encouragement and how to teach problem solving skills adapted from Robert J. Mackenzie’s book, “Setting limits in the classroom: How to move beyond the classroom dance of discipline.”

Suggestions for handling surface behavior

Pdf document that outlines the ways in which a teacher can direct or redirect student behavior, with suggestions for responses when confronted by a student, with material from Nicholas A. Seta and Allen N. Mendler.

Soft vs firm limits

Word document which discusses soft limits and firm limits, with examples and consequences.

Role play : The power of dialogue fact sheet

Pdf document that presents a role play dialogue between the parent of a middle school child, a middle school teacher and a principle, with background information on characters and a case overview.

Positions and interests

Pdf document that describes an exercise in negotiation and problem solving to be used with children in grades 5-8, with a worksheet at end of document.

Mistaken goals chart

Chart which defines mistaken goals, lists four of these goals (undue attention, negative power, revenge and giving up), the behaviors associated with them and positive responses by adults.

How to talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk

Document summarizing Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish’s work of the same title, with instructions to increase listening skills, help children deal with feelings, provide praise and use alternatives to punishment, with role playing exercises.

Crisis development

Pdf document in the form of two tables the first table lists student behaviors and staff attitudes, the second table lists student actions and staff interventions, adapted from a document by the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Writing classroom rules

Pdf document outlining a three day program for students in grades 9-12 for developing rules for classroom behavior and consequences for ignoring rules, developed by Carole Close, the document ends with a student bill of rights and and a student bill of responsibilites.