Funding Sources

Finding funds to support Conflict Resolution in Education can be challenging. The Hazelden Foundation has been working to make it easier for school violence and bullying prevention programs to locate funds. They provide starter links for Civic and Fraternal Organizations that may support CRE, Foundation Resources and Government Sources of funds for violence prevention and education programs.

Recent time-limited opportunities they have identified can be found here. You can also sign up for an email alert from Hazelden on new funding sources.

Another useful resource is the Funding Guide developed by the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center in support of school-based conflict resolution programming. In addition to government and foundation grants, this resource provides ideas for using more local sources of funds to get a program up and running.

For a more local funding resources, check out the Grantsmanship Center’s directory of available funding sources organized by state.

Finally, consider exploring opportunities made available via the JAMS Foundation, one of the funders of this website. In the past they have supported initiatives in the following related areas:
Conflict Resolution Education;
Peer Mediation;
Community Mediation;
Professional Education;
Innovations in Resolving Disputes and Making Dispute Resolution Services More Available.
and more.