Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE)

Type of Organization: Academic

Home Country: India


ASPBAE asserts that education is a fundamental right of all human beings. Governments therefore have the primary responsibility to provide free, compulsory basic education of good quality to all its citizens. To guarantee the right to learn throughout life, governments should take the lead in providing opportunities for adult learning, especially to address the learning needs of poor, marginal people and communities.
ASPBAE further asserts that basic education and adult education are critical to each other’s advancement: Universal quality primary and secondary education cannot be achieved in the absence of safe, enabling learning environments for girls and boys in their homes and communities that literate, critically-aware parents can provide. Conversely, the potential for meaningful ‘learning throughout life’ for all citizens rests on a strong basic education foundation.
ASPBAE believes that gender justice is integral to Education for All.
ASPBAE believes in the transformative function of adult and basic education, especially to promote the learning interests of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.
ASPBAE believes that education and adult learning are essential means to combat poverty, fight all forms of discrimination, equip citizens to actively participate in development and governance; empowers women and men, children and adults, individuals and communities to cope, survive and transform their position and conditions; and build a just peace.

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Name: Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE)
Type: Academic

C/o MAAPL 9th Floor, Eucharistic Congress Building No. 3 5, Convent Street
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