Global Issues Resource Center

Type of Organization: Academic

Home Country: United States


The Global Issues Resource Center in the Office of Community Continuing Education at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio fosters citizen responsibility through cultivation of a global perspective on critical issues affecting our planet and its people. The Center’s special focus is on sources and management of conflict; the ongoing threats to global security; environmental dilemmas; and issues of diversity and multicultural understanding.
The Center is proud that its initiatives have served over 50,000 educators, students, community leaders and ordinary citizens locally, regionally and nationally since 1986. The Center, located at Cuyahoga Community Colleges Eastern Campus in Cleveland, Ohio, serves through three approaches:
Presenting creative educational programming and custom designed skills training.
Offering unique information resources through its award winning library collections. These multimedia materials infuse evolving contemporary issues into any discipline or agenda.
Serving as a catalyst to forge collaborations and partnerships in effective educational outreach to broad constituencies.
Educational Services
custom-designed skills training workshops for diverse educators;
lectures informing the general public about evolving contemporary issues;
seminars featuring experts in active learning;
interactive programs to serve community and agency needs;
dissemination of unique resources nationwide. (The Center’s collections are online through the Cleveland Public Library electronic catalogue and accessed via the Internet.)

Contact Information

Name: Global Issues Resource Center
Type: Academic

East 1 Cuyahoga Community College
Cleveland, Oh, 44122
United States

Voice Phone: +1 216 987-2224

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