International Human Rights Observer (IHRO)

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: Pakistan


International Human Rights Observer(IHRO) working
together with Governments, United Nations and other
International institutions to promote and protect the
basic fundamental human rights of the masses declared
in the universal charter of human rights of United
Nations to build a global village of lasting peace,
social, and economic justice and development for the
21st century.
IHRO is an independent, non-political, non-profitable
and non-governmental organization registered under
social welfare act 1961 in Pakistan and incorporated
in USA and UK. It has 53000 volunteers’ network
members in Pakistan.

International Human Rights Observer’s envisions a
world in which every individual irrespective of his
cast, religion or color enjoys international human
rights norms and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other
international human rights standards.

Our mission and dream is to promote and protect human
rights and since 1996, we are striving to make our
dream a reality – we believe that it could be a
reality . To make it happen we advocate, research and
undertake action at all possible levels; national,
international and government, grass roots. We are
focusing our efforts to prevent the abuses by
empowering the people through Human Rights Education,
as knowledge is power. We build partnerships to end
grave abuses of the rights for achieving physical and
mental integrity, freedom of religion, beliefs and
expression and also freedom from discrimination for
the whole humanity.


1- Through Human Rights Education we want to create
consciousness with respect ofright and liabilities
among individuals. IHRO has started the project of
Human Rights Education and awareness project in 2000.

2- To work for the rectification and implementation by
Pakistan of Universal declaration of Human Rights and
other related chartered covenant and protocols.

3- To take necessary action in preventing Human Rights
Violation and provide aid and assistance including
legal aid to victims of Human Rights violations to
Individuals and Groups striving to protect Human

4-To receive and investigate reported and unreported
cases and allegation of Human Rights violations and
recommending appropriate action to the concerned

5-To provide basic necessities of life such as
drinking water, medical relief, and dowry to poor, and
helpless girls, drainage and other rural development
schemes like model villages particularly to the people
and remote areas living in small villages.
6-To help in keeping the environment free from
pollution and other measures. To work for Sustainable
Development and Human Rights is also priority of our

7-To educate and create consciousness among youth and
women against drugs narcotics and HIV-Aids and to work
for the welfare of youth and women.

8- To co-operate with National and international
organizations, groups and individuals engaged in
promoting human rights and to participate in meeting
and conferences on Human Rights at home and in abroad

1- Education Human Rights Education and Advocacy
2- Human Rights Monitoring
3- Millennium Development Goals of United Nations
4- Sustainable development and democracy, Good


International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) Pakistan is
also one of those human rights organizations in the
world working to promote the great agenda of United
Nations practically since 1998.IHRO has arranged and
attended many International Events of United Nations
in different parts of the World.

1- IHRO participated in the 39th Session of the
Commission for Social Development from 13th-23rd
February 2000 at United Nations Head Quarters as a
South Asian Partner of International Foundation for
Rural Development.
2- IHRO accredited by United Nations for the United
Nations Conference on Facilitation the entry into
Force of the comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
(CTBT) in UN New York from 10th-13th November 2001
3- The Global Forum Financing the right to Sustainable
and Equitable Development from 14th-16th March 2002 in
4- IHRO attended the “World Summit for Sustainable
Development” as a major group in Jonesburg South
Africa in August 2002.
5- Participated in “3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto
Japan in March 2003.
6- Participated in 11th Session of the Commission for
sustainable development of United Nations from 28th
April to 9th May 2003 at UN New York.
7- Attended the 29th Session of CEDAW from 9th-18th
July 2003 at UN New York.
8- Participated in the United Nations CTBT conference
in Austria Vienna in September 2003.

9- IHRO attended the “World Summit for Information
Society from 10th-12th December 2003 in


Ø Human Rights in Pakistan
Ø Women & Minority Rights
Ø Anti-Corruption
Ø Democracy & Good Governance
Ø Child Labor
Ø Environment
Ø Poverty
Ø Sustainable Development
Ø Information Technology
Ø Refugees
Ø Elections

IHRO has initiated a National Advisory Panel as
follows: –

1. Parliamentarian Assembly for Human Rights
2. National Lawyers committee for human rights
3. National Women and Minority Rights Committee
4. National Committee for Health & Justice.

IHRO recently has the following on going and proposed
project in Pakistan:

•Parliamentarian Assembly for Human Rights
•National Human Rights Development Program through

•IHRO has a 15 schooling system with other CBOs in the
rural areas of District Rawalpindi and
Attock-Pakistan, Where basic human rights education
and peace education is being Introduced since 2002.

•IHRO held one all Parties national conference on good
governance and human rights on November 1st, 2002
before general election in Pakistan, in which all
political parties including ARD, PML (N), PPP and
others signed National Consensus and Covenant on good
governance and human rights NOW IHRO calling its
“second National Human Rights and Good Governance
Conference in January 2008 in Islamabad and in four
provinces of Pakistan”

.In 2001 IHRO established an institute “Pakistan
Institute of Human Rights Research and teaching”
(PIHRT). IHRO regularly conducts workshops on Human
Rights issues in this institute.

•IHRO monitored the Election 2002 and 2005 and
released reports. IHRO has announced and introduced
its new project through a press conference” to
Monitor the Democratic process in Pakistan in coming
General election 2008 The Organization has started to
introduce its proposal to the partner
organizations and donors for basic budget for this
important project.

• IHRO has a 53000 volunteer member’s network in the
four provinces and AJK region of Pakistan to promote
the human rights in the country.

.IHRO, for the first time, introduced proposal on
“Human Rights University in Pakistan” and the work on
this unique project is in progress.

•IHRO is working to promote the mandate of “World
Summit for Sustainable development” 2002 through
Sustainable Development and Human Rights Projects in
Pakistan continuously with other partner
.Project on Minority and Women Rights in Pakistan is

•Monthly Report on women, minority and children rights
is being published in the national news papers
.Project on Culture of Peace and non-violence is
functional by participating in national and
international events.

•IHRO has inaugurated two books on Human Rights
“Awaz-e-Haq” and Human Rights in Islam on 10th
December 2003 and others two are under publication

•International Conference on Human Rights and Peace
2007 on 10th December is Islamabad

•National Human Rights Legislation Assembly is being
arranged in August 2008 to Promote the human rights
legislation in Pakistan.

•IHRO is working with Lawyers Committee for Human
Rights USA on a project” Effects of the New Global
Emphasis on National Security and Combating terrorism
on the work of Human rights Defenders around the
•IHRO participated in the United Nation’s World Summit
for Information Society in Geneva from 10th-12th
December 2003 where IHRO arranged a session on Human
Rights and Information Society with its international
partner “International Research Foundation for Rural
Development (IRFD)”.

.IHRO managing a “National Human Rights Conference and
Award Ceremony on 10th December with reference to the
International day of Human rights every year. IHRO
has also started its preparation to celebrate the
international Day of human rights 2007 and announced
its” 7th National Human Rights Conference and Award
Ceremony from 9-10 December 2007 at Islamabad.

To arrange and attend seminars, Conferences and
Workshops on Human Rights issues is also major agenda
of IHRO. IHRO delegates have already been attending
the different conferences of United Nations,
Universities and different international organizations
in different parts of the world.

Contact Information

Name: International Human Rights Observer (IHRO)
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

House No. 921 Street No. 80 Sector I-8/3

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