Norwegian Peace Alliance

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: Norway


The Norwegian Peace Alliance website is intended as a resource for teachers wishing to teach themes related to peace, or wishing to promote peace skills in their classrooms, and for facilitators of workshops in peace related themes. The website is also used as a resource for workshops at summer camps and seminars, both in connection with youth work and by voluntary organisations involved in training mediators, teaching for intercultural/interreligious dialogue and other such activities.

The website was originally created on a request from teachers at a strategy meeting at the Friendship North/South school exchange programme. It has been developed with help and inspiration from the General Union of Palestinian Teachers, Save the Children Norway, Mediation Services Oslo, Klinsj, and Council of Europe trainers from Azerbaijan and Moldova.

The website gives a short introduction to education for peace and its pedagogical platform, and describes how to build up a successful workshop around a topic. The site gives suggestions for exercises for the various stages of the workshop. It contains various educational “packages” and activities for each topic to be covered, skill to be trained, or stage of the workshop (warming up, evaluation etc.). The site includes over 200 different activities. The aim and instructions for each activity is included, in addition to the time required and the age group most suited.

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Name: Norwegian Peace Alliance
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

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