Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: England


Peacemakers is the working name of The West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project. Established in 1987, it is based in Birmingham England situated above the Quaker Peace Hub in Central Birmingham. Quakers have a very longstanding commitment to peace and the work of the charity comes out of this. Check out our Resources section for many helpful tools for educators.

Our work is grounded in the Quaker practices (known as testimonies) of peace, simplicity, truth, integrity, equality and the environment.

Peacemakers works for positive peace: more than the absence of conflict but the presence of peaceful beliefs and behaviours, of justice and inclusion as well as non-violence.

We respect every individual and value everyone’s contribution and actively reject discrimination of any kind.

We see education as a means of developing human potential, and healthy relationships as a foundation for learning.

We value quality in all our work and see learning as a lifelong experience. We are always seeking to improve our work – evaluation and innovation is therefore of central importance to us.

We value creativity in responding to the unique needs of each group.

Noteable Resources

Our Resources Section includes a variety of downloadable tools for engaging youth around the issues of peace and conflict resolution. We recently developed a set of activities called RESTORE designed to support groups of children and young people experiencing the impacts of the pandemic, or times of uncertainty. The activities are organised around the acronym Recognition, Empathy, Safety, Trauma, Opportunities, Relationships and Engagement. Also of interest are our foldable Chatterboxes that can be used as conversation starters in the classroom. Also popular is our Junior Peacemakers Workshop Guide full of ideas and activities to help you run your own one-day workshop for Primary students. There are 6 themes to choose from [Refugee Issues, WW1, Climate Justice, Anti-bullying, Making a Difference, Healthy Schools] and lots of advice on how to set up and run the day.

Contact Information

Name: Peacemakers
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

41 Bull Street
Birmingham, B4 6AF

Voice Phone: 0121 236 4796

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