Pemba investment and Youth Development Organization (PIYDO)

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: Tanzania (United Republic of)


The Pemba investment and Youth Development Organization is a non-profitable Organization formed deliberately / Voluntary by Zanzibaries living in Pemba Island and is independent from any political actives, Parties, Religions, Ethnic, Gender, or any other mischief groups like terrorists which are dangerous to innocent people, human life, environment, and the world as a whole. This Organizations Provides Charitable and humanitarian services to all Youth.

Pemba Investment and Youth Developmental Organization PIYDO intended to boost the Development of this Island particularly Youth . It is a non –Profitable does not engage in racial, gender, Attitude, political, ethnic, disability and or infected by HIV / AIDS, i.e.

PIYDO is completely free from any kind of Discrimination

To consolidate Youth to build good relationship, understanding each other for the aim of improving themselves and the community as a whole.
Creating good relationship, and coordination with other organization/Institutions with imagination of developing Youths so that they can be in better position to develop themselves in becoming self-reliant.
To build strong foundation and strategies to enable Youth solve their problems whenever they face disaster.
To see that Youth are well cared for without discrimination and exploitations and are well protected against HIV/AIDS and Drugs abuse.

To build strong links so as to enable women participant in various activities for their benefits and families.
To encourage and motivate Investors for the aim of creating employment Opportunities to Youths.

Contact Information

Name: Pemba investment and Youth Development Organization (PIYDO)
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

P.O.BOX, 343
Wete-Pemba, Zanzibar-Tanzania,
Tanzania (United Republic of)

Voice Phone: 0777479566

Contact person: Ali Jabir Khamis
Contact email: