Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW)

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United Kingdom


Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) currently manages placements in Serbia, South Africa, the UK and Geneva. QPSW places people with organizations that work at local, national and interna¬tional levels to develop peace and understanding between peoples, communities, governments and countries. QPSW has long recognized that in order to enable the next generation to commit to peace and social justice, they need not only encouragement but real experiences in the working world. There also needs to be genuine movement of people in posts in peace. Through QPSW Placements young Quakers and other like-minded young people gain practical experience in various aspects of Quaker work in the UK and abroad.

Contact Information

Name: Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW)
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Quaker Peace Education Project UK Friends House 173-177 Euston Road
London, England, NW1 2BJ
United Kingdom

Voice Phone: +44 (0)20 7663 1000

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