Restorative Practice Consortium Resource Project

Type of Organization: Governmental

Home Country: Canada

Tools and Successful Practices for Restorative Schools Supporting Student Achievement and Well Being from Ontario Educators


On November 30, 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Education Safe Schools Branch approved and funded a project proposal “to gather, create, integrate and disseminate knowledge of restorative practice tools and strategies to support achievement, healthy relationships and leadership in Ontario schools from a restorative perspective.”  The website and various reports that have been produced are all designed to be copyright free and re-useable.


Noteable Resources

The Restorative Practice Consortium of Ontario Canada has recently released a 255-page resource document for applying restorative practices to schools. The Restorative Practice Resource Project is packed with colorful charts, articles, and presentation materials for helping schools navigate their way into a holistic approach to implementing RP in schools. Available via

Contact Information

Name: Restorative Practice Consortium Resource Project
Type: Governmental

Contact person: Steve Young
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