Student Led Peer Mediation

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United States


Student Led Peer Mediation is a project of the Conflict Resolution Center – St. Louis, funded by a grant from the St. Louis Mental Health Board.

SLPM in schools offers the innovative opportunity to establish and improve healthy communication between families and schools. It’s confidential, creating an environment of open and peaceful communication that allows for students and their surrounding community to excel.

The SLPM program is designed to be easily picked up by schools and scaled to meet the needs of the students, ranging from voluntary, extracurricular mediations to integrating mediation into the school’s disciplinary process. CRCSTL provides the training and technical assistance necessary for schools to fully implement the program using existing resources and offers ongoing support as needed.

Noteable Resources

The Peer Mediation Resources section of our site features a growing list of helpful tools (role-play scripts, mediation process guides, etc) for setting up and running a school-based mediation program. Our Educator portal section includes materials such as forms and permission slips that can help manage a program.

Contact Information

Name: Student Led Peer Mediation
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

20 S. Sarah Street
St. Louis, Missouri, 63108
United States

Voice Phone: 314.255.7449

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