Western Justice Center School Tools

Type of Organization: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

Home Country: United States

Get Lesson plans designed for educators to present to students.


School Tools is a resource website developed by the Western Justice Center. Lesson plans are developed for educators interested in quality materials on conflict resolution to enrich their students’, as well as their own, knowledge and skill base. The tools are useful for resolving conflicts in school and daily personal settings.

Teachers can access full conflict resolution lessons for their classes/clubs and also find first-rate resources on a variety of topics, including effectiveness of conflict resolution education, building support in their schools, and implementation of programs.

The site content is enhanced with original videos for a more rich and interactive learning experience.

Noteable Resources

Site includes a self-paced conflict resolution online course designed for students that will provide a certificate of completion.

Contact Information

Name: Western Justice Center School Tools
Type: Non-governmental - Non-Profit

55 South Grand Ave
Pasadena, CA, 91105
United States

Voice Phone: 626-584-7494

Contact person: Shaune Gatlin
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