Conflict Resolution in Educational Institutions – Warters Webinar archive

Conflict is a marvelous learning opportunity because it requires people to adjust their habitual ways of acting in response to the conflict they are encountering. In this session we explore the various ways that educational institutions are working with and learning from conflict when it emerges. We examine both K-12 and higher education environments with an aim to understand the different types of practice that are common. We review some ways to access free teaching and learning materials tailored specifically to educational settings.

About the Presenter: Bill Warters, Ph.D. is a faculty member in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution Program offered by Wayne State University’s Department of Communication. He developed and manages the Conflict Resolution Education Connection ( and the Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center ( He is author of Mediation in the Campus Community: Designing and Managing Effective Programs published by Jossey Bass Press. Bill received the William J. Kreidler Award for distinguished service to the field from the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Education Section. Behaviour Challenge video module

This video learning module from the U.K-based is called The Behaviour Challenge. You’ll need to visit the site directly to view this one. The module places you in the classroom with three students who are presenting problems that interfere with the learning environment. You choose which student to focus on first, and then what approach to try with them and you see video of their response and some commentary from a coach.

JAMS Foundation Video about CRETE Project

The non-profit JAMS Foundation has provided a $300,000 grant that is funding a two-year initiative that enables Conflict Resolution Education for student teachers and in-service teachers to expand in four major U.S. cities. To operate the initiative, the JAMS Foundation is collaborating with three organizations: Temple University’s Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) program, nonprofit Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) and nonprofit Creative Response to Conflict (CRC). This video provides a look at some of the work being done.

Thailand: Successful Strategies for Policy Creation & Implementation of CRE in Schools (slideshow)

In many developing countries such as Thailand, there is concern about bullying and violence in secondary schools and since the Ministry of Education has announced the order to prevent teachers from using physical means to punish students, many teachers don’t know how to manage the student behavior. This workshop will address the Ministry of Education’s efforts to develop a national policy to build the culture of peace in schools at the national level and explore positive ways to involve student participation in solving conflict and violence. Presented by Vanchai Vatanasapt, Director, Office of Peace and Governance, King Prajadhipok’s Institute, The Office of Peace and Governance at the Second International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education, March 29, 2008, Cleveland, Ohio.