Working with angry and disruptive youth in the classroom

8-page Powerpoint presenation given at the Second International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education, which provided, “insights into youth anger and strategies to positively address these challenges in the classroom, participants will understand the reasons behind escalating behavior and will practice how to respond effectively to strong willed and/or out-of-control youth, participants will learn strategies to deescalate emotions, maintain dignity and respect, and help the student focus on learning.”

Face work in conflict

Powerpoint presentation introducing the concept of face, or the social role identities that people adopt and want respected. The idea of “face saving” in conflict resolution is discussed.

Relationship-driven classroom management

Word document examing classroom management in terms of the need to belong and the needs for power, fun and freedom adapted from John M. Vitto’s, “Relationship-Driven Classroom Management: Strategies that Promote Student Motivation.”

Mistaken goals chart

Chart which defines mistaken goals, lists four of these goals (undue attention, negative power, revenge and giving up), the behaviors associated with them and positive responses by adults.

Basic needs

Pdf document exploring the basic needs of belonging, power, fun and freedom for children in grades K-6, taken from “Creating the peaceable school” by Richard J. Bodine, Donna K. Crawford and Fred Schrumpf.

Basic needs are at the root of conflict

Document discussing conflict and its relation to the five basic needs of belonging, (power, freedom, fun and security) with exercises, skits and discussion questions for students in grades 7-8.