Integrated lessons: Collection from the National Curriculum Integration Project

Pdf document presenting a series of lessons for both language arts and social studies classes which examine conflict, explore positive solutions and examine how issues of culture and bias, social and emotional learning and law related education impact conflict and its resolution. Written above title on document: NCIP (National Curriculum Integration Project).

NCIP resource guide: “Developing caring citizens and skilled problem solvers”

Pdf document presented as a guide for integrating the principles and practices of conflict resolution into the middle school classroom culture and curriculum. Topics addressed include: Educational Theories; Core Components of an Integrated Program; Integrating Four Related Fields; Comprehensive Conflict Resolution Curriculum Outline; Creating a Caring Classroom Climate; Benchmark Abilities of a Peaceable Classroom; Outline for a Successful Integrated Conflict Resolution Program; Getting Started Questionnaire; Implementation Timeline; and Curriculum Mapping

Ideology and conflict

Powerpoint presentation which discusses ideology and its role in conflict, with suggestions on handling ideological conflict.

Attributions and conflict

Powerpoint presentation which examines attribution theory and its role in conflict.

Pre-Service School Administrator Curriculum

A 179-page pdf document containing a five module curriculum designed to enable administrators to examine conflict and better understand the process of conflict management. It serves as a companion curriculum to the Center for the Prevention of School Violence’s “Reach In, Reach Out, Reach Over Conflict Management Curriculum” and provides information on building a foundation of support for teachers and students in conflict management and extending that support throughout entire schools.

R.O.P.E.S. presentation outline

Worksheet to help an instructor of conflict resolution education prepare a program, the fields include: Steps, description, time and handouts/materials. Following the blank worksheet is an example of a completed worksheet.

Second step

Powerpoint presentation introducing second step, a program for elementary school children which develops skills in the areas of empathy, impulse control and anger management.