Mistaken goals chart

Chart which defines mistaken goals, lists four of these goals (undue attention, negative power, revenge and giving up), the behaviors associated with them and positive responses by adults.

Guidelines for deescalating crises

One page document with instructions to teachers on how to diffuse escalting classroom problems, adapted from materials created by Edward A. Herzog.

Crisis development

Pdf document in the form of two tables the first table lists student behaviors and staff attitudes, the second table lists student actions and staff interventions, adapted from a document by the Crisis Prevention Institute.

Children at risk, violence in our home

Two diagrams, one outlining the ways in which children may be at risk, such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse, the second diagram shows ways in which at risk children have problems in school, such as acting out, falling asleep, and no respect for authority.

Conflict resolution education in teacher education

Powerpoint presentation examining the cooperative effort of conflict resolution education for teachers, developed by Cleveland State University, Temple University, Kent State University, West Chester University and the Ohio Commission for Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management.