Conflict resolution, peer mediation and young people’s relationships: Technical Report

Conflict resolution, peer mediation and young people's relationships: Technical Report

74-page PDF technical report that investigated, “what schools could do to improve young people’s relationships with each other, with teachers and with their families. This is a key question for schools, policy-makers and pressure groups; there are currently programmes and initiatives on behaviour, citizenship, healthy schools and many other areas which have relationships at their core. Within that broad area, the team looked in more detail at school programmes that encourage conflict resolution and peer mediation.” Ten studies relating to conflict resolution, all completed after 1994, were reviewed in detail.

  • Format: pdf
  • Publisher: University of London EPPI-Centre
  • Author: Jo Garcia, Jennifer Sinclair, Kelly Dickson, James Thomas, Jeff Brunton, Marc Tidd
  • Resource Release Date: 8/4/06
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