A Generation Later: What We’ve Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools

A Generation Later: What We've Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools

Zero tolerance discipline policies that mandate suspension or expulsion of students for misconduct have gained tremendous momentum over the past 25 years while also inviting deep controversy. With A Generation Later: What We’ve Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools, Vera’s Center on Youth Justice looks at existing research about whether zero tolerance discipline policies make schools more orderly or safe, if out-of-school suspension or expulsion leads to greater involvement in the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems, and what effect these policies can have on a young person’s future. It concludes that, a generation after the rise of these policies and practices, neither schools nor young people have benefited. Fortunately, as described in the report, promising alternatives to zero tolerance can safely keep young people where they belong — in school.

  • Format: pdf
  • Publisher: Vera Institute of Justice
  • Author: Jacob Kang-Brown, Jennifer Trone, Jennifer Fratello, Tarika Daftary-Kapur
  • Resource Release Date: 01/01/2013
  • Topics: Research Publications, Researcher Resources, and Restorative Practices
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