In the area of education there has been an introduction of a new course ‘Social Skills and Character Development’ at grades 3-4 and 5. The North Cyprus Mediation Association has been active in training teachers and providing material. The teachers attending the association’s trainings and courses receive certificates that are recognised by the education authorities. Peer mediation trainings are also provided to teachers and students. Another important work is the three year ‘Juvenile Delinquency’ projects which is part of Communities That Care Program that is being implemented at two middle schools one from each community.

The Mediation Association is currently running two UNDP-ACT sponsored projects in education as well as being in partnership with other CSO’S in their projects; such organizations as The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and the proposed Rural Area Youth Development Project (RAYD).

The two projects in collaboration Turkish Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture are :
CRE/PE Project: A 12 month project on ‘The Need for CRE/PE in CYPRUS’. It stared with an international conference and workshops in September 2006 in an effort to raise awareness to CRE/PE. The second face is underway that targets visiting 80 schools (K-12) and training 1600 teachers in CRE/PE.

Espérer Juvenile Delinquency Early Intervention Program: A crucially important three year project that targets the children of ages 11-15 at a local middle school living under conditions and in families that are deemed to put them at risk of developing social problems. It is a bi-communal project (involving Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot children) covering the early intervention program selected ‘Communities-that-Care’ involving bringing together Turkish Cypriot Municipality of Nicosia, local community representatives, professionals working in the area and managers responsible for service management.