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Humans of Peace Education website

Humans of Peace Education provides a global map showing the wide range of places where people are doing important peace education work. The site currently provides more than 70 inspirational profiles of work in a range of sectors relating to peace education.

Modeled after the widely acclaimed Humans of New York project, Humans of Peace Education seeks to elevate the work of peace education to the general public by providing glimpses of the lives and work of peace educators from all around the world.  Profiles explore the motivations, challenges, successes, and insights of peace educators working in different contexts.

The project was launched after the 2019 International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) that was held in Nicosia, Cyprus exploring the theme of “Educating for a Culture of Peace in Divided Societies: History, Dialogue, and Multiperspectivity Toward Reconciliation.”

The first 70+ profiles added to the site are the participants of the 2019 IIPE. Their stories are also featured in a print publication (available here), which also serves as the outcome report of the 2019 IIPE.  These first profiles explore questions specific to peace education in divided contexts.  As the final outcomes of the IIPE 2019 experience, both the website and the publication, aim to motivate others to undertake transformative action in their schools, neighborhoods, communities, towns and countries, and connect with others that share the same vision for sustainable peace.