St. Lucia

Curriculum Exists within the formal education sector across Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to deal with conflict resolution

Thus far, the conflict resolution programme within the formal education sector that adopts a Life-Skills Approach is the most promising in addressing conflict issues.

The above quoted legislation in the Civil Procedure Rules 2000, which entails mediation practices for private citizens before the court system, is yet another practice originating from the Legislator.

Although there is no existing policy, current legislation can be used to influence development and implementation both within the formal and non-formal sector.

Teachers’ Colleges and departments of education in CARICOM Member Countries have developed a harmonized Curriculum Framework that includes conflict resolution education for use.
There are no organized after school or community programmes coordinated with schools either with the police or other groups.

A three-year longitudinal research inclusive of conflict resolution is presently being conducted in four CARICOM Member States. Preliminary findings suggest positive response from students. Behaviour change will be measured in the third year of the project.