Be the Change: Engaging Middle and High School Students in Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Presented by: Susan Oehler Herrick, Program Associate, Facing History and Ourselves
Presented at: 3rd International CRE Summit
Date of Session: March 27, 2010

Session Description: Getting middle and high school students to think deeply about global issues of change and social justice, while also considering the choices they make in their own lives, is a crucial but complicated task. This interactive workshop for educators featured two innovative online learning modules designed by Facing History and Ourselves to engage students in these issues-- "Be The Change: Upstanding for Human Rights" and "Transitional Justice: Repairing Self and Society." Participants explore challenges that individuals or societies face as they attempt to heal, repair and rebuild after injustice, mass violence or genocide; examples of what students can do, and are doing, to make change are included.

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