Building Campus Community Partnerships around Peace and Conflict Studies

Presented by: Sherrill W. Hayes, Ph.D., Tom Matyók, Ph.D., Cathryne Schmitz, Ph.D., Cathie J. Witty, MPA, Ph.D.; University of North Carolina
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 9 , 2011

Session Description: This day-long workshop examines the opportunities for developing partnerships with city government, public schools, non-profit agencies, and across the higher education community to examine and address social issues using the perspectives and techniques of conflict and peace studies. The presenters will explore techniques, strategies, and best practice models to help build one-time projects into longer-term partnerships through personal experiences, case examples, and research about developing, building, and maintaining partnerships. Topics include: program development/consultation; community based research; integrating service-learning across the curriculum; and direct service. Developing partnerships outside the university is essential for providing hands-on learning experiences and career opportunities for students, developing practice relevant scholarship, providing access to continuing education for practitioners, and engaging practitioners as co-creators of knowledge and co-educators of students. All of these interrelated elements can be achieved by appropriately engaging and sustaining relationships with community partners. The presentation is relevant to both higher education faculty and any practitioners/community organizations who may partner with higher education to develop their practices or services.