Bullying in Schools: Tips for Supporting Schools and Teachers

Presented by: Margo Kernen, Ann Varian, University of Akron; Diane Corrigan, Cleveland State University
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 11, 2011

Session Description: Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) is a grant-funded project designed to provide training to pre-service and in-service teachers in CRE and to enhance new teachers’ CRE and classroom management skills. An important component of the CRETE training is its focus on bullying prevention and intervention, an issue which has come to the forefront of education in recent years. This session will provide information regarding characteristics of bullying, including cyberbullying, and offer research-based strategies for creating environments that minimize the potential for bullying to occur, as well as offering comprehensive methods for understanding and intervening on incidents of bullying.