Conflict Dialogue for Diverse Students and Teachers

Presented by: Kathy Bickmore, Christina Parker, Traci Scheepstra; University of Toronto (OISE)
Presented at: 3rd International CRE Summit
Date of Session: March 27, 2010

Session Description: Alternative Approaches to Restorative Problem-Solving and Proactive Conflict Education Facilitators in this session highlighted promising research on two conflict dialogue initiatives. The first is a restorative justice problem-solving circle engaging offenders, those they have harmed, and community representatives in understanding a problem and its causes and consequences, and jointly creating solutions that repair harm done and rebuild healthy relationships. The second is a pro-active pedagogical strategy: inclusive dialogue processes address controversial issues and identity-linked social conflicts, such as citizenship education infused into the curriculum. Commonalities among various conflict dialogue approaches are reviewed and how these processes should be adjusted to include attention to participants' diverse identities.