Best Practice in Integrating Conflict Management Education into Armenian School Curriculum

Presented by: Gohar Markosyan, NGO Women for Development (Armenia)
Presented at: CRE 2016 Conference, Columbus OH
Date of Session: June 11, 2016

Session Description: Learn about the The Peace Education project launched in 2002 by the NGO Women for Development Armenia in order to form a culture of peace and conflict resolution among teachers and schoolchildren. By 2015, the "Peace and Conflict Resolution in Schools" project was implemented in 800 schools in Armenia's 11 provinces, about 60% of Armenia's schools, reaching 4000 teachers and approximately 70,000 students. The project evaluation showed that the cases of school conflicts with violent outcomes decreased by 72%, cases of verbal violence decreased by 67%, and the cases of indirect violence decreased by 50%. As a result, the "Conflict Management Education in schools" handbook was officially adopted by the National Institute of Education as a framework for all schools.