Using Extracurricular Activities to Broaden Perspectives of a Diverse College Community

Presented by: Megan Erclauz, Susan Lohwater, Shirien Muntaser, Sarah Smith, Amana Zahriyeh, Cuyahoga Community College
Presented at: CRE 2016 Conference, Columbus OH
Date of Session: June 11, 2016

Session Description: At Cuyahoga Community College, students organized several events to educate other students and the public about diversity in an attempt to diminish conflict on campus and in the community. These activities included a panel discussion on the relationship between the police and the Cleveland community, a debate among presidential candidate representatives, a panel discussion on radicalization and extremism, the psychology of radicalization and the role of the media, a panel of five religious leaders, and several other activities. The students will discuss their activities and the impact they have made on the campus.