CRE Resource Creation and Discovery via

Presented by: Bill Warters
Presented at: 3rd International CRE Summit
Date of Session: March 27, 2010

Session Description: The Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) project, funded in part by JAMS and the Department of Education (FIPSE), has been the catalyst for the creation of a dynamic set of learning materials now available at no cost online. Session participants learn more about this growing collection of learning modules, videos, training guides, slide shows, CRE skill portfolios and more, and are introduced to free tools that they can use to create their own content. The focus will be on enhancing the community-building potential inherent in Open Educational Resources (OERs) about Conflict and Conflict Resolution. Participants will learn about ways that they can become part of a larger movement by sharing the content they create and by connecting across boundaries that in the past have limited CR Education's growth.