Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education: Expanding CRE Programs & Resources

Presented by: Tricia Jones with panelists Claire Salkowski, Adrienne Mercer, and William Warters
Presented at: Sustaining Conflict Resolution Education: Building Bridges to the Future, Fairfax, VA
Date of Session: March 10, 2008

Session Description: This panel session provided an overview of the CRETE (Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education) project. CRETE is a national pilot funded by the George Gund Foundation and the US Dept of Education’s FIPSE program to provide pre-service teachers and school-based teaching mentors with critical skills and knowledge of conflict resolution education and class room management necessary for cultivating constructive learning environments for children, enhancing student learning and bolstering teacher retention. Included are preliminary results from some evaluations of the project and information on the number and kinds of activities carried out as of March 2008.

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