Cyberbullying & Relational Aggression: Who is it & What Can be Done?

Presented by: Kimberly Mason, Laura Hammel, Amanda K. Brace, Rachel A. Vitale
Presented at: Second International Summit on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: March 29 2008

Session Description: Research shows that indirect aggressive acts such as cyberbullying and relational aggression are difficult for adults to detect and often harder to prove in a school setting. This workshop is designed to help school personnel understand the dynamics underlying indirect aggression, detect indirect aggression, discover who is doing it, and ways they can intervene and prevent this covert form of bullying. Results from a study examining the relationship between media and relational aggression and ways to infuse the information into the new anti-bullying legislation in Ohio will be shared. A comprehensive program being used in two Northeast, Ohio schools for teachers, families, and students will also be shared.