Deconstructing Ageism: Best Practices from Elder Mediation Training

Presented by: Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, Mount May College
Presented at: 4th International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education
Date of Session: June 10, 2011

Session Description: Impartial mediation requires a mediator to self-examine and identify unconscious biases that can affect the mediation process. For Elder Mediation training, self-examination delves into aging and disability-related biases and perceptions, assumptions about capacity, and judgments about the mental and physical effects of aging. This workshop will present information about 1) how to uncover bias in oneself, 2) the most common age-based biases held and why we have them, and 3) will discuss some creative ways that elder mediation training helps mediators self-assess and bring the unconscious to the surface for thoughtful examination.