Engaging in Book-Based Social Justice-Related Discussions with Young Children

Presented by: Parvin Parsai, Sylvania Children’s Center; Susanna Hapgood, University of Toledo
Presented at: 3rd International CRE Summit
Date of Session: March 27, 2010

Session Description: Since the late 19th century, school curriculum has increasingly focused on academics rather than teaching virtues (Shawrtz, 2007). State and national standards, as well as No Child Left Behind legislation, underscore the emphasis on academics and knowledge acquisition in the classroom. Education of the hearts of children has been left behind. Workshop participants in this session engaged in a discussion about several texts, and examined others to plan and practice leading a book-based discussion of this kind. Strategies to help teachers select appropriate children’s literature and plan for book-based discussions that focus on issues related to social justice were offered.